Tropical Storm Erika is Approaching!

By Hollie Misztak August 27, 2015

Hurricane Tips for Boaters

Tropical storm Erika is making her way through the Caribbean.

Although she is just a tropical storm as of now, Erika has brought deadly floods in Dominica on her track.

Erika’s track is expected to make it’s way through the Bahama’s this weekend, which means heavy rains and winds anywhere between Florida and the Carolinas.

Erika's Track

Erika’s 5 Day Forecast

Are you prepared for tropical storm Erika?

As fast winds and heavy rains may be approaching, now is the perfect time to prepare!

Check out this helpful link full of tips and information; everything from checklists to ensure preparedness, to what to do in the event you have to make a claim.

Make sure you and your vessel are prepared.

Hurricane 101 !


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