Top Ten Boat Names for 2015, and Helpful Tips to Name Your Boat

By Patrick Farrell April 1, 2015

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Ah, you’ve finally done it…selected the boat of your dreams. She’s the perfect design, the color’s right, and has all the bells and whistles you could ever need. You spent months and months choosing every detail of the boat from stem to stern. However, there’s one more difficult decision awaiting you, you may never thought of: “What do I name her?” You have several things to consider besides simply picking a name you like. Your boat name will affect others, it will stick with you as long as you own the boat – and possibly longer, and it could help save your life. Choosing the right boat name is an important process, and hopefully our resources will get you thinking about how to name your boat. NBOA is here to show you the top boat names for 2015, which hopefully inspire you to find the perfect boat name!

This year, Serenity took the No. 1 spot for the second year in a row in the name’s 10th appearance on the list. Read on to see the rest of the most popular boat names of 2015.

1. Serenity

2. Seas the Day

3. Andiamo (Italian for “let’s go”)

4. Aquaholic

5. Second Wind

6. Island Time

7. Happy Ours

8. Journey

9. Serendipity

10. Relentless

Naming your boat isn’t easy, and there’s probably more than one right for you. So here are five tips to help get you started on finding the right boat name.

1. Decide on a theme. Do you prefer names that are humorous, romantic, water-based, or very personal?

2. Search the web for your chosen theme plus your boat type (eg. “funny pontoon boat name”). You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find.

3. Write down any names that sound particularly “right”. Then read them out loud. Sometimes a name that looks good onscreen or on paper won’t sound right when spoken.

4. Come up with a top five list, and play around a bit with any words that might be used in a different way. Doggonit might become Dog on It.

5. Personalize it. Instead of Mom’s Mink, how about “Mandy’s Mink“? The poetic Rendezvous could become Rhonda-vous. Tying it to something specific will help prevent seeing the same name on too many other boats.

Try to get creative with your boat name!

Try to get creative with your boat name!

The best boat names reflect your personality, without overwhelming or contradicting the boat’s personality. Have fun naming your new ride, and we’ll see you and Beer Thirty on the water very soon! Happy boating from NBOA!

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