Top 10 Boat Insurance Claims

Boating is certainly one of the most relaxing and carefree activities you can do on the water, however it does not come without its risk. If you’ve ever run aground or hit a submerged object, you know the inherent danger in operating a boat, even if you are an avid operator.

Unfortunately, boat collisions are an all-too-common occurrence, regardless of how well you prepare behind the wheel.  In fact, boat collisions are far more prevalent than boat theft.

How to Protect Your Vessel

Besides preparing for your sailing expedition, using Marine charts and having safety equipment such as EPIRBs and sonar devices installed onboard, you can better protect yourself, your passengers and your boat by having comprehensive boat insurance.

Most Common Boat Insurance Claims

Most boaters enjoy the season without a problem. However, some do have an accident, whether it was at-fault or not. Submerged objects are the most common boat insurance claim, mainly due to the high frequency of submerged logs or debris in water, and the fact they usually cannot be seen until they’ve already hit the engine. Below is a list of the most common boat insurance claims:

1.     Hitting a submerged object while cruising

2.     Theft while anchored

3.     Collision with other boats while boating

4.     Storm damage while moored

5.     Theft while in storage

6.     Accidental damage while cruising

7.     Flooding while moored

8.     Sinking while moored

9.     Owner negligence while cruising

10.   Accidental damage while moored

Thefts while anchored are more likely to occur during the warmer summer boating months, so it is important to remember a few practical tips to prevent the theft of your boating equipment and supplies while the boat is anchored:

  • Remove any expensive electronics from sight.
  • Don’t leave anything of value on the deck.
  • Properly secure the motors, tenders and life rafts to the boat.
  • Secure all boating equipment, such as oars and anchors to the boat.

Understanding your boat’s limits before you push off, knowing the weather and tides, and properly installing safety and navigational equipment are the key in preventing accidents while boating.

If you do have an accident, being protected by the right boat insurance is paramount. At NBOA Marine Insurance, we know accidents happen. Whether it is a broken propeller or a more serious accident, NBOA is there to help you get back on the water safely. For more information about boat insurance, or to receive a free boat insurance quote, visit or call 1-800-248-3512 to speak directly to a knowledgeable agent.

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