Boating is supposed to be fun. However, it can prove to be very expensive, especially if you don’t have the proper coverage. It’s important to understand your options and shop for the best coverage. Here are a few major reasons that having boat insurance is so beneficial:

1. You want to be protected in case your boat is stolen, you get into an accident or contents are damaged.

2. Many marinas and waterways require that you are insured.

3. During the winter months, it’s still wise to maintain boat insurance. Contrary to popular belief, the amount of claims filed during cold-weathe

r months is shocking. The majority of boat claims are for fire, theft, vandalism, and flooding – all of which occur year round. Boaters could also be held responsible for injuries that occur on or around their boats, even during your lay-up period, and even if the injured person was there illegally.

4. You are protected in case an uninsured boat collides with yours.

5. Boat insurance can be specifically tailored to your requirements, so you’re not overpaying.

For the past thirty years, NBOA has been providing the best boat coverage at the lowest prices. Start the New Year off and take care of getting your boat covered and worry less about something happening to it. If you’re not already signed up with NBOA insurance, talk to one of our boat experts today at 800.248.3512 or fill out a free boat insurance quote.



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