Miss Manners: Boating Etiquette

By Patrick Farrell January 16, 2014

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MsManners-3Sit up straight! Don’t put your elbows on the table! Chew with your mouth close! Thank you. No thank you. Yes sir, no sir….you get the idea. Manners are an important part of life on land, why wouldn’t it be the same on the water?

Recreational boating has been around for hundreds of years. Over the course of this time, customs and traditions have evolved to help alleviate the stress that naturally comes with dealing with the elements.

Here are a couple etiquette rules to remember…

1. Respect your fellow boaters/neighbors

2. You’re responsible for your wake

3. Lend a helping hand

4. Go slowly when approaching an anchorage or mooring area

5. Keep your area neat and clean

6. Be considerate to sail boaters, and smaller powered vessels and give them the right of way

One of our Marine Insurance agents, Tom Hanshaw, reminds us to honor the unspoken ritual of all boat owners: Always wave and smile as you pass other boaters.


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