The Miami Marine Stadium and Park Basin

The Miami International boat show is scheduled for February 11th-15th 2016. This year the show is moving from the Miami Beach Convention Center to the Miami Marine Stadium and Park Basin due to renovations at its original home. This is part of a long running campaign to re-amp and reopen the Marine Stadium that has not been used since Hurricane Andrew in 1992. The Stadium is regarded as an architectural and engineering jewel, and Boat Show renovators are more than ready to start the design. The stadiums designer Hilario Candela has stated that their main goal is to make every thing as green as possible and that has been going according to plan.

The fight for the permits and approval for this move has been long in progress. The Miami International Boat Show is one of south Florida’s best tourist draws. The event brings in tons of revenue for the city of Miami. The city of Miami is in full support of the new home for the Boat Show, but villagers of Key Biscayne feel otherwise. The residences of Key Biscayne are concerned with traffic on their key, from the bridge and the surrounding areas.

On Tuesday the Miami Dade commissioners voted 8-1 approval of a two year special event permit for the Key. The permit includes approval for 830 boat slips, floating docks, and exhibition stages. The permit also includes approval for several water taxis to transport attendees to and from the even via Biscayne Bay.

The on going efforts to make this dream reality is part of a vision to create a long term contract with the city and to rope in big donors on board with the commitment.



To read more about the Stadium and how to get involved, visit their website for historical information, photos, maps, and more


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