It Happens. NBOA’s Got You Covered.

By Patrick Farrell February 15, 2011

Boat Insurance Claims

NBOA Marine Insurance can provide you with lists upon lists of things to do to prevent catastrophe. We can help you winterize your boat come December, we can give you tips on life jackets, and we can update you on all the latest in safety devices. But sometimes, life happens. You may or may not ever have to call your insurance provider with the devastating news that something has happened to your boat. But if you do, we’ve probably already  heard it.

Customer Service Representative, Patti P.

My very first claim at NBOA Marine Insurance was this. A man called and said he was driving down a road with his boat trailered behind his truck. He was going slowly, considering the load behind him. He went under an overpass and his boat was wedged, and became stuck beneath it! NBOA Dispatch sent a tow truck and they had to deflate the tires on the trailer to remove the boat. He destroyed his T-top, but we covered his claim.

Customer Service Representative, Marlo D.

This could be the most infamous of our claims. A gentleman had his boat trailered behind his truck, and on his way to a day of fishing, he decided to stop at the bank. His plans were interrupted by a bank robber, who stole the man’s truck, boat, trailer and all! The bank robber proceeded to engage in a high speed chase, involving police, blocking lanes on the highway for hours. The boat and trailer were seriously damaged, but NBOA was able to cover both!

Customer Service Representative, Cindi M.

Some of our insured members took their boat out into the water to go scuba diving. When they surfaced, they saw that their boat was on fire! The official police report stated that the fire was caused by static electricity. This unfortunate total loss was completely covered by NBOA.

Customer Service Representative, Dennis N.

A boater stored his vessel off to the side of his driveway. One night, there was an awful storm, and a tree fell on it. He was so upset when he called! Poor guy. So we covered his claim, and he vowed to move his boat to the other side of the driveway. A few months passed and ANOTHER tree fell on his boat. Same thing: his boat was fixed, and he moved it to another area in his yard. You won’t believe this: THREE TIMES IN THE SAME YEAR! Three trees fell on this man’s boat. It now lives at a storage facility, far away from wildlife.

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