Hurricane Preparedness

By Patrick Farrell July 12, 2013

Hurricane Tips for Boaters

Now that hurricane season is upon us, let’s review some safety tips that can help keep you, your family and your boat safe.

Stay Covered Make sure you have up-to-date marine insurance coverage and keep at least two copies of your policy information on file. Be familiar with your policy stipulations and pay attention to the guidelines; some policies have strict requirements on hurricane preparation procedures.

Know Your Neighborhood Learn the storm surge history and elevation of your area. Locations heavily damaged or flooded in the past will most likely experience the same destruction today.

Duly Noted Consolidate important vessel records. Paperwork such as registration, title, insurance policies, marina agreements, and certifications should all be kept in one easily moved, secure container (a zip lock bag for example.)

Marina Matters If your boat is at a marina, in wet or dry storage, check with your marina and have a solid understanding of their hurricane plan.

Inventory Items Keep a current inventory list of all items on your boat. In the event of a loss, this record will help with the claims process. Pictures or video records are even better.

Make the Plan After the proper research and preparations, you’re ready to formulate an educated plan to secure your boat. Identify an area where your boat will best survive and institute your own Hurricane Preparation Plan. Break the plan into a simple step by step process, put it in writing, and make copies.


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