Getting the Right Quote for your Boat

By Patrick Farrell May 11, 2009

Boat Insurance Boat Insurance Quotes

Boat owners are aware that an insurance policy will protect them against vandalism and damage from accidents on land and water or from the weather. What some owners do not know is that boat insurance rates differ according to the type of watercraft and the type of coverage purchased.

A useful tip for boat owners is to classify their vessel accurately before having it insured in order to get the right insurance quote. Another issue is that some insurance companies exclude boats that are older than 20 years, or are moored in Alaska or Hawaii.

In evaluating the different boat insurance quotes in the market, boat owners should be aware that these rates also differ according to the extent of coverage. It would be wise to inquire about what is covered and excluded in the policy so as to determine whether or not the insurance quote is reasonable.

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