Looking Ahead: Five Things for 2017

EPA Increases Ethanol Requirement for 2017 

The Environmental Protection Agency has increased the number of renewable fuels that will be required in the nation’s fuel supply in 2017. The 2017 Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) levels set last week mandate a 1.2 billion gallon increase next year, a six percent increase over current levels. Refiners will be forced to blend a record total of 19.28 billion gallons of ethanol and other biofuels into the fuel supply next year.

Find ethanol standards here


Miami Boat Show Announced Partners for 2017

The Miami International Boat Show has announced several new and returning partners for the 2017 edition at Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin. The addition of expanded concierge services, new shuttle bus management, and caterer. Great Performances are all designed to elevate the show experience for attendees and exhibitors.

Find full list of partners here


Annapolis U.S. Power Boat Show returns to pre-recession levels

The U.S. Power Boat Show in Annapolis was the largest since 2008, Eye on Annapolis reported. According to show organizers, there were more than 350 boats, including more than 100 center console fishing boats, 40 fishing boat manufacturers, and 75 brokerage boats in ‘Brokerage Cove’. Paid attendance grew by five percent over 2015, the most since the 2008 financial collapse. The exhibitor footprint increased by more than 14.5 percent. These numbers give insight into the many shows gearing up for 2017. With an increase in industry sales across the board, 2017 is shaping up to be one of the biggest years in boating.


Boat manufacturing development and design evolves

Since the economic downturn, the boating industry has transformed and, along with it, so has the boat building process. Manufacturers are working to provide high-quality products that are affordable, meet the needs of consumers, attract existing and new audiences, all while maintaining safety and regulatory compliance and keeping the costs down. With an increase in productivity, sales, and manufacturing redesigns, the 2017 year for manufacturers and producers will be one of innovation and opportunity.


National Recreational Boating Safety Program

The United States Coast Guard, the states, industry, organizations, and other members of the boating safety committee are pleased to report that boating is indeed becoming safer over time. The RBS program for 2017-2021 is anticipated to roll out January 1st of 2017. This plan will build upon earlier successes but is much different than any former plan as it follows an updated format and utilizes approaches/terms as directed by federal oversight. The new plan is implemented by those who share a belief in the importance of ensuring safe and enjoyable recreational boating experiences.

View the draft of the 2017 RBS Program here



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