Crazy Claims Part II

By Patrick Farrell March 10, 2011

Boat Insurance Claims

Writing Part I of Crazy Claims last month was extremely fun, so I can only imagine what you all were thinking as you read our collection of Crazy Claims from over the years. Aside from the accumulated tips and pointers, reading about Insurance doesn’t really seem like much of a party on your browser page. Our real-world examples of claims help to broaden our boaters’ attention to details; they have even helped to prevent such mishaps, and on the occasion make us all laugh.

So, back by popular demand, is the second part of our article, for your viewing pleasure:

Customer Service Representative: Marlo

A few years ago, one of our insured NBOA Members called in a panic. Evidently, he was about to dock his boat when something caught the attention of his eye – quite literally! As he turned, a bird was aimed directly at his face. It knocked him overboard, and his boat crashed into the docks, resulting in quite a bit of damage. Without hesitation, NBOA covered the claim. And now our customer keeps an eye in the sky as he comes in for a landing.

Customer Service Representative: Dennis

A man and his wife had sold their home, and consequently their personal dock. They decided to go with a dry storage unit at a local marina, and one that was very reputable in their town.  As it is with most dry storage marinas, our customers left their boat in the hands of the dock master without looking back. About a month later, they returned to the marina with the plan of boating that afternoon. To their dismay, their boat’s interior was completely destroyed. A pregnant raccoon had squeezed herself between boat and cover and made a cozy little nest in the cabin of their vessel!

Customer Service Representative: Kelly

“Imagine peeling carrots at your sink, and looking out of the window in front of you. You admire the trees, the birds, the crisp fall air, your boat sliding down a hill… really. This particular NBOA customer was working in her kitchen when she watched her boat, which she thought was secure on its trailer in the driveway, skim down a massive hill alongside her house. If you can imagine, the boat was halted by a cluster of trees at the hill’s base. Fortunately, NBOA was able to cover this claim!

Customer Service Representative: Jackie

An insured called his dry storage dockhands to take his boat from the third level of the unit and place it in the water. When he arrived at the marina, he watched as the forklift was pulling the boat from its safety up above. As they shifted to lower the vessel into the water, something went awry, and the man helplessly witnessed as his boat dropped from many feet in the air, landing bow first in the once-calm water. Reliable insurance allowed for the replacement of his boat.

NBOA Agent: Marilyn

“I was vacationing in the Bahamas a few years ago, and my husband talked me into going on a snorkeling excursion for the day. There were about 15 of us, and the tour was sailed two miles out to the reef. As the group surfaced some hour or so after, we noticed that there was no boat! It had sunk to the depths of the ocean. It was definitely an experience to be stranded in the ocean like that, but I still go boating. Why not?

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