Boater’s Resolutions

By Patrick Farrell January 16, 2014

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Each year, individuals resolve to lose weight, read more, find the love of their life, and make other noteworthy life changes – what about your boating life?  Here are a couple of solid New Year’s resolutions to make on and off the water…

  • Take a boating safety class. Some classes from the USCG and US Power Squadron can actually help bring your marine insurance premium down!
  • Purchase/wear a PFD (check out for the most up to date safety equipment)
  • Go green – use environmentally friendly cleaning products.  Most cleaning supplies contain harsh chemicals that are potentially hazardous to the environment.  With a little vinegar, lemon oil, baking soda and toothpaste, you can create your own green cleaning supplies!  Not only will it save money, it will better for the water!
  • Explore a new location – visit a location that’s only accessible by boat.  Be more adventurous – life is too short not to take advantage of exploring the unknown!
  • Learn how to tie a new knot and splice line.
  • Learn about sea life and how to identify different species.
  • Have your engine serviced yearly or every 100 hours.
  • Share your love of boating with someone!


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