Boat Insurance Quotes Must Be Accurate for Your Watercraft

By Patrick Farrell April 22, 2009

Boat Insurance Boat Insurance Quotes

For land vehicles, insurance quotes can be quite similar across different companies. But for a boat insurance quote, it can vary significantly, depending on the company’s experience and target market.
Thus, it is best to seek an insurance quote from a firm which caters to a diverse market. This will allow an accurate valuation based on the particular characteristics of the watercraft – be it a cruiser, trawler, pontoon or sailboat.
Companies usually ask for some information about the owner, especially about his experience in handling a vessel. Also, they need to know about the specifications of the boat’s hull, trailer and engine. As such, the owner has to indicate the boat’s model, length, year of manufacture, among other information. For the engine, the type, year of manufacture, horsepower, and fuel type are necessary for the company to come up with a highly accurate boat insurance quote.
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