Physical Damages

What is Covered?

On a boat insurance policy, physical damage coverage pays for the repairs to your boat that are necessary as a result of damage caused by a wide range of perils. The best policies provide “all risk” coverage, which means that if the cause of loss is not specifically excluded, it is covered.

Typical causes of loss that are covered include: weather-related perils such as wind, rain, hail, lightning and wave action; fire; loss or damage caused by theft or vandalism; and collisions with docks, submerged or floating objects or other boats. It is wise to select a policy that continues to cover your boat while it is stored on land, or while you transport your boat over land by trailer.

NBOA Marine Insurance only provides the best “all risk” coverage to all our customers, as it is the safest and most comprehensive coverage available to enjoy your boat or yacht.

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