Personal Property and Towing Assistance

Personal Property coverage and Towing & Assistance coverage are two additional coverages usually found in boat and yacht insurance policies.

Personal Property

Personal Property coverage covers items such as clothing, personal effects, or fishing equipment belonging to you or your family while those items are being packed on or off your boat, and while aboard your boat. Like physical damage coverage, each company handles personal property differently so it is important to do some research into your policy.

Boat Towing Assistance

Towing & Assistance coverage reimburses you for the costs that you incur when you need emergency assistance for your boat, and you and your boat are not in immediate danger. Some examples of emergency services that you may need which may be covered include: towing to a place where repairs can be made; delivery of fuel, oil or parts; assistance in the event of running aground; or emergency labor while underway. Again, there are several different towing policies available so check carefully on what you are covered for. Many towing companies begin charging the customer at the time they leave port, so sometimes it pays to have more coverage as a towing bill can increase quickly.

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