Boat Insurance – What is NOT Covered?

Physical Damages – What is NOT Covered?

All boat insurance policies have exclusions. The boat owner has the responsibility to maintain their boat, and so normal wear and tear is often excluded under a boat or yacht policy. Other exclusions can include gradual deterioration, weathering, insects, mold, animals, and other marine life. The number and type of physical damage exclusions vary from company to company, so take the time to compare to avoid surprises later. For instance, some companies include coverage for damage caused by zebra mussels, while some do not.

Also, it is important to know that most policies will not cover a defective item that directly causes damage to your insured boat, but will cover the resulting damage itself. For instance, if your water pump is faulty and causes damage to your boat, the water pump itself is excluded, but the damage to your boat will be covered. Other policies can also have machinery damage exclusions while others do not. If your machinery is damaged by improper use, and a policy without a machinery damage exclusion will cover the engine; those with a machinery damage exclusion would not cover the loss. Whatever the case, make sure you are up do date with what you are covered for in your boat insurance policy.

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